Alongside traditional sources of clean energy like hydropower, the "new" renewables like solar, wood, biomass, wind, geothermal and ambient heat also play an increasingly important role. It is nevertheless also clear that, for economic as well as for efficiency reasons, clean energy like photovoltaic will only develop its full potential in decades to come. The conversion factor from solar energy to electricity is still quite low and photovoltaic technology isn’t yet able to deliver electricity into the grid around the clock. New solutions are required and this is where Pvt Power AG comes into play. 


A Pvt Power 200 kW cell is producing electricity 24 hours per day. Its power is indicated in kWh, since 200 kW are produced every hour. Traditional photovoltaic systems are indicating their power in kWp, as they can only produce electricity along with optimal sunshine (peak). Therefore a Pvt Power 200 kW cell is a lot more efficient than conventional solar systems.