The Pvt Power Power plant is delivered preinstalled in a 20 foot container. Included are all powerhouse units, securities and the monitoring in charge for the cell supervision, early error detection and autonomous error correction whenever possible. Maintenance and servicing are included in the electricity price, in order to always guarantee an optimal functioning of the power plant. 

The H-turbine is at the core of the Pvt Power technology and is based on three physical principles: the Schauberger, Meredith and Venturi effects. The Pvt Power technology aims to collect, exponentiate and reallocate the available energy within the physical chaining and thus activate the rotation of the shaft. This rotation is carried out over a two-stage gear reducer which actuates the alternator and thus generates electricity. The produced electricity is then delivered into the grid, taking into account all legal norms and restrictions. 


Each Pvt Power 200 kW cell is transported to the desired location in a 20 ft shipping container (dimensions: 5,66 m x 2,07 m x 2,2 m, 1 1 ,7 m2, weight: 1 2,3 Tons), used for combined road, rail, sea and inland water transport. Electricity production can begin as soon as the powerhouse has been set up at its given destination, either connected to the local grid, or as a stand alone solution in a remote location.


The power house of a Pvt Power 200 kW cell, inside the 20 ft shipping container. The PV Panels on the roof doors are used only to generate the energy necessary to initiate the cell's electricity production. They remain closed afterwards.