The Pvt power plant  delivers sustainable and clean energy 24 hours/day, 365 days/year, independant from solar radiation: Delivered on site in a 20” container.


Pvt Power AG builds Pvt Powerplants with an output in Kilo Watt, Mega Watt or Giga Watt, based on autonomous and operational 200 kW cells, in its own manufacturing plants in Switzerland and in India.


The Pvt Power Business Model targets to sell not Pvt Powerplants, but the electricity produced directly to local energy and infrastructure companies or to industries.

The supplied electricity is charged monthly at the local solar power price, or defined contractually with indexation over a determined period of time.

Pvt Power can certainly compete with nuclear energy in terms of pricing.


Pvt Power AG operates in the renewable energy market and its potential market value is undoubtedly huge.

One cell producing 200 kW electricity uses the aera of a 20” container (10m²), in an autonomous powerhouse. Each cell requires an area of 40 m², because of interspaces for air intake and exhaust.


In comparison, a traditional solar farm requires 1200 m² to produce the same output of 200 kW.



Electricity Production


Let’s take a powerplant with an output of 300 MW, made of 150 autonomous cells of 200 kW each.


Electricity output:

30MW x 24h x 365 days x 95% efficiency x 30 years = 7’489’800 MW 


The Pvt Power Plant doesn’t produce any CO2 and is fully recyclable.